Coles standards for pig welfare are down, down


Coles is refusing to let farmers use Improvac for their pigs. Terrible outcome for animals, producers and consumers.

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The Omnibus Savings Bill


It's not really about saving anything at all.

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My "please explain" on super


I'm keeping up the pressure on the Government about its superannuation tax grab.


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On Sydney lockouts


"Moving to Kings Cross and complaining about the nightlife is like coming to Parliament House and complaining about boring speeches."

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Sacked for being a sporting shooter


On the sacking of a Goodyear employee for being a shooter.

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Taxation without representation


The undemocratic situation facing farmers who have no say in levies.

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On political donations


I name corruptible politicians.

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The lone voice opposing tobacco hikes


Tobacco tax hikes transfer billions from poor people to rich people

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Government betraying their voters?


Is the Government seeking to outdo Labor to take other people's money?

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On Government Debt


The desire to spend on bureaucrat wages and individual handouts knows no bounds.

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